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Room Impulse is one of the features in the secret menu. Its current purpose is currently unknown, but multi-recording playback or AI generation has been suggested. It is explored in Petscop 17.

The room impulse menu with it's corresponding options.


A room is first chosen for playback. The list of rooms can be seen here. After choosing a room, the generation of the room can be set.

During presumed playback, a dial can be turned to browse the various players running around the room, shown with the Pyramid Head. There appear to be 60 spots on the dial, and when an "occupied" position is on main view, the dial is highlighted. The currently selected player can be focused on, which returns it to the default look of the player character.

A focused recording can change rooms. Focusing on a character may give the controlling player control over that character.

It's currently unknown what criteria the movements of the Pyramid Heads are reflecting.


In Petscop 17, the house is selected and set to generation 10. This appears to be the version of the house used in the Strange situation event. The current player appears to test the feature, but eventually returns to the default setting.

The focused avatar walks outside the house. Messages play, presumably from Rainer, as the player walks backwards along a particular path. They appear to be addressed to Carrie Mark, and informing her of who she is, while also asking her about her disappearance.