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The School basement is an area located underneath the School. First mentioned in Petscop 7, it was discovered Petscop 23. There are two rooms in this area.

Chasm Room

Player upon entering the first room of the school basement

("Chasm Room" is a fan name, as the room has no official name.)

This room is the first area of the basement. It appears to be akin to a cave, judging by the texture on the walls and floor, and by the large chasm in the middle. To the left of the room, there is a closed door.

Upon first entering the room, the player is greeted by a sign that reads:

You'll find the machine up ahead.

This is the only entry or exist. You will pass through this room again as you leave.

Keep in mind: everything here, your baby will see.

There are multiple objects scattered around the room, which the player has to push into the hole. A box of crayons, a container of Play-Doh, a model in the shape of the school, and a framed photo of a child. After pushing all of the objects down the hole, the door on the left of the room opens, where Care B is located.


  • The box of crayons could be a reference to Care, as the same box of crayons is atop the table in her room, and Care B is found in this area.
  • The last line of the sign, "everything here, your baby will see," could also be a reference to Care, as Marvin says "Put Baby" in reference to Care. The meaning of the line is unknown, though, as there is very little to see in the area.
  • The photo of the child appears to be real and is possibly a photo of the creator of Petscop as a child. The creator has mentioned on Twitter that the "Care says" clips were actually themself as a child, so it is possible they've sourced assets from themself on multiple occasions.

Machine Room

Player upon entering the Machine room

The machine room is accessed only by going through the Chasm room. The entire room is covered in black and white checkered tiles and has a bright red tint. Upon first entering the machine room, Marvin stands next to the entrance and Belle stands to the left of the Machine.

The Machine


The Machine is first mentioned by Marvin in Petscop 7, in which he tells the player he wants 1000 pieces for the Machine. The Machine looks and functions similar to the child deposit found outside the Child Library.

Behind the Machine, there are dark green checkered boxes that move at certain intervals. On the left and right of the Machine, there are floating pieces in the shape of pillars. In Petscop 23, when the player walks up to one of the floating piece pillars, 500 pieces are taken from the piece counter.

Care B after being placed in the Machine

After that, the player is required to deposit Care B, which they caught in the Chasm room, into the Machine. After playing Needles Piano as requested by Marvin, the Machine rotates again, revealing Care's Egg.