the shadow monster man is a mysterious character we saw him near the windmill talking to paul but lemme tell you that the shadow man is a child yes my theory goes that in the note that paul found there is a massage writin in all caps lock and to top it all off the massage had some grammer mistakes only children will have trouble with and there is something intersting in the massage the child said i got to the bottom and turned to the right and i became shadow monster man and look at the code try to link the massage and the code with each other here is the code down down down down down right if you haven't seen the link yet its the child went to the bottom which means down and except continuing down he turned to the right and the code said to the right and he became shadow monster man and maybe its candec or michele or its marvin because in episode 7 paul saw that tool is turned to pink and a massage is presented saying:please newmaker show marvin where his house is and the shadow monster man asks where is his house so that mean the shadow monster man is marvin or still candec or michele
Shadow monster man

shadow monster man