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Paul restarting the game to find Strange Situation in place of his previous save files

Strange situation is the name of a save file and event that first appears in Petscop 14. The Strange situation event occurs after Paul uses a demo recording to access the garage. After Paul's game restarts, his main save has been overwritten and renamed, with his other saves deleted. However, his pieces count is retained.

Birthday Party

Paul in the Strange Situation

Strange situation depicts a birthday party for Care taking place at the house that occurs on November 12, 1997. The calendars on the wall give the date of the event, as well as a second date of either November 12, 1995 or 2017.

After walking into the master bedroom, events between 1997 and 2017 seem to go 'out of sync', with Care's mother speaking as though one set of events are happening but Paul experiencing something else. In 1997, the master bedroom door is closed and Care hurts her head attempting to walk into the door. In 2017 the door is open, and Paul walks inside. He tries viewing the discs on the table, but they appear to be gone.

After some time in the bedroom, "Care" speaks, demanding Jill show him the location of the "disk" and the Petscop Discovery Pages. Paul comments that this appears to be based on a conversation he had with Jill "last year" on his birthday (presumably in 2017), even though that would be impossible if the game has been unmodified since the early 2000's. Paul tries to leave the room, but the game freezes.

He restarts the game, and enters the garage. Inside the garage is an interactive computer that shows the website.

Room Impulse

The generation of the house used in Strange situation is viewed with Room Impulse in Petscop 17, when set to generation 10.


Real incidents

The birthday party appears to be taking place on November 12, 1997. This is a date noted to be part of Care's return in Petscop 17 by Rainer:

On November 10th of 1997, you ran away from your daddy’s school building, and on the 12th, you arrived at your house.

Care bumping into the door may have also been referenced by Rainer:

You ran away, crying, ashamed, covering your face.
You were blind. At some point, your movements stopped making sense.
Bumping into walls and doors. Dodging invisible obstacles.


The name may be a reference to the "Strange situation" psychological study. The event may be intended as a modified form of the procedure itself.

"Disk" is the term for magnetic storage, while "disc" refers to optical storage, such as a CD (like a PS1 game would be stored on). This may mean that "Care" (or Paul) was not referring to the game disc when asking for the "disks", if the different name was not an error.

The "birthday party" appearance of the house may span several generations.