The name Tiara is mentioned only 3 times in the videos. The first mention is in the note in Care’s room:

Tiara says young people can be psychologically damaged ‘beyond rebirthing’[1]

The second time is in the question asked to Tool in Petscop 5:


“Who is Tiara?”

Answer: Petscop kid very smart[2]

And the other question in the same video (the full question "Do you remember being born?" didn't fit)

“Remember being born?”

Answer: I'm not Tiara[3]

Color Edit

Tiara seems to be associated with the color purple #56204c .


Connection To "Belle" Edit

Belle and Tiara's name colors seem to be the same color. According to Color theory speculation, this could mean Tiara/Belle/Quitter are the same person or just tied together somehow. This is confirmed in Petscop 15, where Quitter, referred to as Bell by Marvin, explicitly says "I am Tiara, not Bell"

Theories Edit

There may be a connection between Tiara and the Creepy Quitter’s Room Girl, because of the note on the wall in the Quitter’s Room “do you remember being born?”. The fact that Tool redirects the question to Tiara indicates that she has a connection to this question. To “remember being born” is probably impossible, unless you are talking about “rebirth” and “rebirth therapy”. If Tiara remembers being born, this could mean she has gone through rebirth therapy.

In Petscop 11 Marvin states that "Tiara Plays Bad Music Too" while the needle piano is red. The same red needle piano is found as the head of a new character in the Quitter’s Room during Petscop 12, possibly strengthening the connection between Tiara, Tool and rebirthing.e was Candace Tiara Elmore. Tiara might be a reference to her, or it might mean the actual Candace Newmaker is somehow a part of the game. Candace Newmaker was also called a quitter repeatedly before her death. This further connects Candace to the Quitter, and also to Tiara.

Tool’s answer “Petscop kid very smart” can be interpreted two different ways. Tool could be referring to the player, calling him a “Petscop kid” and saying he’s smart for asking the right questions. Alternatively, Tool could be referring to Tiara, calling her a very smart Petscop kid. The meaning of “Petscop kid” is unknown. It could mean anyone that plays the game, or it could have a deeper meaning, depending on what “Petscop” actually means.

References Edit

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