Tools are entities that first appear in Petscop 2 , answering questions the player asks. The first is found underneath the Newmaker Plane, inside one of the rooms of the underground complex, directly in front of the movie screen that allows the player to view The Windmill.

More tools have appeared in subsequent episodes, varying in size and abilities, and this article classifies them by color given the lack of any official name other than "Tool".

Red Tool Edit

When we first meet Tool, it is red.

Questions Edit

Who is Tiara?

Answer: Petscop kid very smart

Where am I?

Answer: Under the Newmaker Plane

Who am I?

Answer: Newmaker

Who are you?

Answer: Tool

Remember being born?

Answer: I'm not Tiara

Where is my house?

Answer: You'll never go home

Where is the school?

Answer: You can't go back in time

What month is it?

Response: Red Tool shows Paul a calendar[1].

What year is it?

Response: It is unclear whether the response is also a calendar or if the question was ignored.

Where was the windmill?

Response: Censored[2].

Questions that Produce the Response, "I don't know" Edit

  • Care?
  • Mike?
  • Michael?
  • Who is Care?
  • Who's Care?
  • Who is Mike?
  • Who's Mike?
  • Who is Michael?
  • Tiara?
  • Who's Tiara?
  • Where are you?
  • When am I?
  • What is NLM?
  • NLM?
  • Newmaker Plane?
  • Who is Newmaker?
  • Newmaker?
  • What is Petscop?
  • Petscop?
  • How to see windmill?
  • See windmill?
  • Windmill?
  • What is this?
  • bababababab?
  • !?
  • ??
  • Who is Marvin?
  • Who's Marvin?
  • Marvin?

Pink Tool - Second Form Edit

Pink tool

Pink Tool

After asking Red Tool "Where am I?", Tool turns pink and says some odd things when Paul asks Pink Tool questions.

Questions Edit

Who are you?




[Walks to Tool]


Who are you?


Remember being born?


Other Tools Edit

Green ToolEdit

The Green Tool is shown in the demo scenes of petscop 11, it is very animated and it spins and glows while on screen.[3] The Green Tool seems to be usable as a cursor when the player desires it to, as when the player attempts to open a padlock at one point in Petscop 11, the tool moves left and right as the lock's dial moves counterclockwise and clockwise, as one would expect if both were controlled by joystick movement or button presses.[4] The Green Tool reappears in Petscop 15.

Notably, the character only named as "You" by the note in Care's Room and Randice are the only characters with green text, implying that they may be connected with the Green tool.

Silver ToolEdit


Silver tool, brightened image on the right

A Silver Tool is seen in The Windmill during Petscop 9.[5] Notably, silver does not correlate with any character under color theory (so far).

The player can interact with the Silver Tool, and upon doing so in Petscop 9, the Silver Tool moves into the intricate mechanisms of the Windmill in two quick frames, which causes the Windmill to reverse it's rotation and removes a figure present in the windmill that seems to have been causing it to rotate counter-clockwise; The figure removed from the windmill by the silver tool bares the face of Care, and this may relate to Pink Tool's claims that "MARVIN PICKS UP TOOL HURTS ME WHEN PLAYSTATION ON."

The Silver Tool gives the player 50 Collectibles upon being used in the windmill, whether or not this specific number has any importance is unclear. The Collectibles can be clearly seen piled up below the cogs of the windmill before the Silver Tool clears them away.

Blue ToolEdit

Blue tool

On the walls in Tool’s room, you can see multiple crayon drawings of a blue Tool. We have yet to be introduced to this blue Tool, but apparently someone has an obsession with it.

In Petscop 14, within the Frozen House, a stack of blue tool drawings are seen below a single slice of cake on a plate. Upon interaction with the cake, plate, and drawings, the player receives the following message:
"Go ahead and have a slice!"
  "Oh, don't worry about those."

The word "those" most likely refers to the drawings; The text used by the speaker is identical to the Wife from Petscop 3.

Later, when Paul navigates his way to the garage, a computer can be seen with a web page open which displays the Blue Tool, though the text of the website is too low-resolution to be made out.

Light Blue/Black ToolEdit


In Petscop 13, Paul follows the road to the left of the Frozen House, pushing a bucket along with him, and discovers a light blue tool, which is similar in appearance to the green tool, but behaves differently, rotating slightly back and fourth rather than spinning in complete circles. The light blue tool moves identically to Roneth , keeping a constant distance from Paul and ascending into the sky if Paul goes too far left.

Paul allows the light blue tool to ascend and then places the bucket under it, then walks right until it falls and is captured, turning the light blue tool a blackish hue. Paul uses the black tool to destroy the Table Objects in return for 15 collectibles, and it disappears along with the bucket afterwards. Paul applies the knowledge gained from capturing the tool to capture Roneth in a new file save.

Notably, Paul specifically refers to Light Blue Tool as "the tool in the road", confirming that, at least in the mind of Paul, "tool" is a class of beings, and not just the specific name of the Red Tool.

Little Red ToolsEdit

Red tools are seen in The Child Library, on the tables of Care's Room and Michael's Room, they are much smaller than any other tool which has been physically present, even the silver tool, and do not stand upright like the other tools do. These tools seem to be inert, as they cannot talk or be utilized for puzzle solving.

Theories Edit

Tool appears to resemble a birth canal. However, it also shares a resemblance to a bottle gourd.

It's also conceivable that Tool resembles a blanket being tightly wrapped around a child's body, being held closed from the top, close to the proposed child's head. This theory bears similarity to the "Rebirthing" technique sometimes utilized in "Attachment Therapy", in which a child is forced to fight their way out of a blanket being held closed by those performing the technique, to simulate an actual birth.

In line with Marvin's connection with music, some think Tool resembles an item used to tune up pianos (said item being an awl). However, due to one of the more recent episodes, some believe Tool (more specifically, the White Tool) to be a murder weapon in a crime.

Tool may also resemble a person being hanged, the pronounced red band on Red Tool and Pink Tool representing the bruising on the neck caused by the pressure of the rope during hanging. Assuming that the red band is a neck bruise, the spike coming from the top of Tool could also represent the rope.

Some say that Tool cannot be assumed to be a reliable source of information.

Red Tool vs. Pink Tool Edit

Red Tool seems to reply instantly, and its answers seem very sparse and cold. On the other hand Pink Tool takes noticeably longer to reply, and the answers are much different in tone. This leads people to believe that Red Tool may be pre-programmed, while Pink Tool's responses indicate there being a "living" person speaking through Tool.

It is also important to note that Red Tool talks in written form while Pink Tool has a more robotic font or tone. How this relates to the previous analysis is unknown, but it seems to intentionally contradict what handwriting implies.


Since Mike is associated with the color pink, some think that Mike is the one talking when Tool turns pink. It is important to note, however, that Mike's pink color is distinctly different from the color Tool turns, so it's possible

According to Color Theory, Pink Tool may be Belle who at the time was still captured by Marvin, as Belle's name is written in the color purple.


By the same Color Theory, the wife is associated with the color blue, implying that Blue Tool is associated with her and perhaps giving her an ulterior motive for saying not to worry about the Blue Tool drawings.

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