"Petscop", or informally referred to as "Petscop 1", is the first video uploaded to the Petscop account. It was uploaded on March 12th, 2017. The video description reads "The game I found".

In this episode, Paul introduces a strange game he found, and showcases the oddities he has discovered so far, mainly focused on the game's unfinished overworld.


The narrator, Paul, is recording footage of an unreleased video game called Petscop that he found to show to his friend. The startup indicates it was developed by Garalina for the PlayStation.

After creating a file, the player is tasked with collecting 48 creatures referred to as pets from 8 different homes in an area called the Gift Plane. As Paul describes in his Let's Play-style commentary, there seems to be only 1 level present in the game, called Even Care.

Inside, by solving puzzles, he is able to catch the pets Amber, Pen, Randice, and Wavey. He explains how each of them is caught, as he has figured it out previously. However, he is unsure how to catch Roneth, despite attempts.

Referring to a note found with the game, Paul enters a cheat code which stops the game's music and replaces the exterior of Even Care with a dark expansive area. Paul theorizes that based on the note he should be able to find something there, but hasn't found anything previously.

The video is interrupted by a sudden jump cut, after which Paul explains he managed to find a door by wandering around for fifteen minutes. As Paul is unable to open the door, he is unsure of how to continue. He asks his friend to inform him if they noticed anything in the footage that might provide an idea of how to open it.

Other Information

  • Paul starts with zero pieces and ends the episode having 55 pieces. He calls them "money" during the episode
  • As is the case for Petscop episodes 1 through 4, this video was not seen on the Internet until April 8, 2017
  • This is the last time we see the Gift Plane until Petscop 9
  • The note in this episode was originally given as a video annotation, which are no longer accessible, although Paul also reads it out loud
  • In the timeline of events, the title screen indicates it was copyrighted in 1996






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