I have been meaning to make a blog on this, our admins, Petscopinvestigator, Camwood777, and the wiki's founder Dreamish have all been inactive for well over 90 days, and as a result are considered to be inactive. Without any admins, we are vulnerable to spam, vandalism, trolling, flaming, etc. and we have no way to expel vandals and other such individuals that may damage our wiki and drive away potential contributors. Valiant efforts have been made by contributers such as Guywholikesediting to undo vandal edits, but an admin is necessary to do so efficiently and ban the vandal users. As per the guidelines of Wikia central, we should, as a community, have a discussion on who to appoint as bureaucrat to manage the wiki from now on, unless one of the other admins returns.

I personally think we need an admin who will get rid of all the gamejacking attempts the wikia unfortunately undergoes, such as this one, this, etc. I personally would be happy to do it, I have experience as admin on Infinite Histories Wiki and Minecraft Fanon Wiki, but really it just matters whether or not it gets done moreso than who does it.

Note that any potential admins must have a wikia/fandom account and should probably be active contributers on the wiki.

EDIT: I've edited this in the hopes of bumping it on the recent wiki activity since no one seems to be interested in posting about this, though it may be more due to a low number of consistent contributers than a rate of disinterest.

Maj 08:28, January 31, 2018 (UTC)