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Wavey is one of the six Pets first introduced in the Even Care. They are closely tied to Randice, following them wherever they move to and providing them with their means of survival by raining on them.

At first, approaching Wavey will cause them to dissipate and warp to the adjacent plot of grass with Randice in avoidance of the player. In order to cancel this action out and allow Wavey's capture, the player must push the nearby bucket onto the plot that they are moving to on a spot that will be directly underneath them once they spawn there. If the bucket is placed in the correct spot, a "clunk" noise will sound as Randice bumps into the bucket as they rise above ground with Wavey. The water Wavey releases will then collect in the bucket and their body will release as water as well, joining the rest in the bucket and trapping them. The player can then catch them by walking into the bucket.

Appearance Edit

Bucket wavey

Wavey contained in the bucket

Wavey appears to be a small rain cloud with the ability to dissipate and reassemble their body at will, allowing them to warp to any given location. They wear a concerned expression on their face, made of two ovular, black eyes set far apart from each other and a pair of thin eyebrows, along with a curved, uneasy mouth. Their gender is unknown but is generally accepted among the fanbase as male.

When carried in a container, they revert to a pool of water with an indifferent expression on its surface.

Theories Edit

Wavey may be a reference to depression, as the mental illness is often associated with the imagery of rain clouds (representing crying and feeling unhappy). Wavey also appears to be upset, being the only known Pet to actively express a negative emotion. Building on to their physical connection to Randice, this may suggest that Wavey and Randice are two halves of the same figurative entity- Randice being the representation of happiness, and Wavey acting as a representation of the more depressive side. This is further supported by the fact that Wavey follows Randice around, possibly representing the unavoidability of depression.

Wavey may also be a reference to the abusive force-feeding of water to children as a means of punishment.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Before Wavey's official name was revealed in Petscop 6, they were nicknamed by the fanbase with the name "Cloudsworth".

References Edit

  1. Utah parents accused of killing 4-year-old daughter with water